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MI Industry Conference


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Sunday 29.10.2023, 11:00 - 12:00

Room: Paris


IT IS NEVER TOO LATE: The “55 Plus” target group as a growth engine for retail & Music schools

Description:The population in many industrialized countries is aging and demographic change is in full swing. Today, every second German is older than 45. Do you know and use the potential that lies in the target group of “best agers”?

In Sabine Charlotte Langen's lecture you will find out why the “55 Plus” target group is the growth engine for the industry. You discover what needs and values drive this heterogeneous customer segment. Using many practical examples, it is explained which tools & Methods you can use to attract and retain valuable customers in the “55 Plus target group” for your business.

Vita: Sabine Charlotte Langen M.A., born in 1968, is head of the adult music school & Team building agency Klangsalon, music coach and encourager. Their mission: "There is no such thing as unmusical and untalented. There's a musician in everyone."

In 2009, after a career as a marketing manager at the US multi-technology group 3M and as an executive at a mobile network operator, she started her own music business Klangsalon.


Sabine Charlotte Langen has received several awards for the development of the sound salon method and her book “Playing the piano is super easy: colors instead of notes”: in 2013 she won second prize at the Düsseldorfer
Female Entrepreneurs' Prize, 2011 with the DABEI Special Prize for Innovation and 2010 with the Entrepreneurs' Letter from the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.


Sabine Charlotte Langen is head of communications in the Federal Association of Independent Music Schools (bdfm) and an expert on sustainable topics such as the “Target Group 55 Plus”. It is certified according to the Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) quality management method.

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