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With the help of financial support from the European Regional Development Fund, the business conference MIBKON (event date 29.+30.10.2022) will be implemented (realisation period July - November 2022). The conference will take place within the framework of the industry event SOMM DEALER DAYS.

The aim of the funding is to support the music trade, which has been particularly hard hit by the consequences of the Corona pandemic, as well as manufacturers, producers and distributors of musical instruments and music equipment, in overcoming the crisis and to point out future prospects. MIBKON is intended to enable industry participants to take part in further education and training as well as in a networking event - which is of crucial importance for future viability.

The event will be individually tailored to the needs of exhibitors and visitors. The supporting element for this is the two-day MIBKON, which will take place within the framework of the SOMM DEALER DAYS. As the most important element, bringing together all industry players regardless of their affiliation, the conference provides the venue where meetings and re-meetings can take place at eye level - without having a direct client relationship. 

Moreover, it is only within the framework of a conference that topics that move the industry are discussed in a semi-public manner. In this way, important information, ideas & trends, useful tools and knowledge are made accessible to all market participants.

With MIBKON, SOMM pursues the goal of creating an additional, permanent and sustainable offer for the MI industry that combines business, learning and networking. At the conference, knowledgeable professionals and experts give inspiring and enlightening keynote speeches and instructive workshops on current industry topics.

Beyond this, MIBKON aims to sharpen and strengthen the community spirit of the MI sector. Only when it becomes clear that the challenges on the market affect everyone equally will a "WE" idea emerge that can lead the industry sustainably into the future. Whether you are a seasoned executive, an experienced salesperson, a businessman or woman, a marketing expert or a young professional - MIBKON offers everyone exciting impressions, insights and impulses for business in the MI sector in various thematic blocks.

With the implementation of MIBKON and its expansion in the form of a connected evening event as a bracket of the SOMM DEALER DAYS, it is emphasised on the part of the organiser that the focus is on the exchange of all participants and thus a bonding of all guests is laid beyond the actual event. Therefore, an investment in the design of the supporting programme of the SOMM DEALER DAYS is necessary in order to sustainably establish a new place and location for an industry event.

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